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Play Live BlackjackHere at we like to give our users as much possible information about casino games as they need for a healthy gamble.
This includes a best selection of online casinos which offer the best bonuses for registration, tips about the different casinos games you
want to play and win the same time.
As most of us enjoy slots, roulette and sports betting, many of us love to play blackjack in online casinos but it is no longer much better than
playing with a live dealer in the casino.
Sometimes in order to relax more it is better to play blackjack from your home so registering in a live casino gives you the oportunity to enjoy and
play a live game from your home.
Also known as “Twenty One”, Blackjack is for a long time a very popular casino game.

How to play Blackjack

The idea of the game is to get your cards to add up to 21 or very close to 21. In the same time you play against a dealer who is doing the same thing. In the case of playing in live casinos the dealer is real and is streamed directly to your computer. The one who gets more closer to 21 wins the
game. But in the same time the one who exceeds 21 loses directly. The game is played with one or more standard decks of 52 cards, Ace counts for 1 or 11 whatever the player chooses in that situation and every face card (Jack, King and Queen) counts 10. The little cards have their own numbers. We suggest for your first games to gamble less money than usual until you learn how to play this game better.If you get tired of Blackjack you can always try live holdem instead.

Best dealers for USA and UK players

Loyal dealer for wealthy gamblingFor a good gamble we suggest you to register in William Hill Live Casino or Castle Casino and start gambling. Be sure to get the registration bonus before start playing live gambling Blackjack.

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